What is SweenJet?

Help menu SweenJet helps developers to create Java applications. It is a "commons" library that provides constrained models, useful Swing components (e.g. splash screen, input fields), actions, look-and-feel enhancements (e.g. themes, multi-line tooltip), and a complete preferences system.

This library makes an application developer's life easier, giving ready-to-use but extensible solutions for common tasks and problems.

SweenJet is an open source project hosted by SourceForge.net and published under the GNU General Public License. You may freely download and use this library.

Target audience

SweenJet targets Java application developers.

Getting started

Tuning graphical user interfaces >>
Setting up a preferences system >>


SweenJet 1.1 beta released

After nine months, here's the new version.

SweenJet 1.0 released

Admittedly, it needed some time but the stable 1.0 version is now accessible.

Download SweenJet 1.1 beta >>